Thursday, July 14, 2011

CNU NTX Event: The Architecture of Community

How often do citizens, city officials, and other decision-makers find confusion instead of clarity when discussing urban design? How can we attempt to help guide neighborhoods, towns, and cities and overcome the failures of the past, address current issues, and anticipate the needs of the future when we lack of a common language on urban design?

CNU North Texas along with USGBC, The Dallas Center for Architecture, ULI, and The Dallas Architecture Forum presents two lectures by Dhiru Thadani and Anne Ricker followed by a panel discussion on creating a sense of community through the built environment.

July 28, 2011 from 1p-5p at the Dallas Center for Architecture

Registation is $75 at

Continuing Education Credit available for USGBC, CNU, AIA, and AICP members

Dhiru Thadani

Architect, urban designer, and author Dhiru Thadani will discuss and illustrate solutions found in the urban paradigm of the built environment to prescriptively solve several current global crises. He will argue the need for a common design language, which is the subject of his book, The Language of Towns & Cities: A Visual Dictionary -- Book signing to follow event.

Anne Ricker

Anne Ricker is a member and speaker for the Urban Land Institute, International Downtown Association and American Planning Association. With extensive experience in real estate market analysis, urban redevelopment and vision building for public and private sector clients, Anne focuses on assisting communities and the investors within them by preparing strategies for development and redevelopment and identifying partner roles and resources. Anne is a founding principal with consulting firm Ricker Cunningham.

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